Help! My Battery is Dead!

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It’s been a long trip to the grocery store and you’ve just stocked up on all of the months’ essentials and are ready to head to the car. After you have loaded the groceries, you settle into the passenger seat and attempt to start the car. Uh oh, the battery is dead! What do you do now? The chances are that at one time or another you have had a dead battery, but perhaps you had Mom and Dad or a close friend there to help you. A dead battery might not be the end of the world, but it certainly can be stressful. The experts from Best Buy Auto Equipment have written a step by step user guide for jumping a car battery.

         1.       Diagnose the Problem

This might come as a shock, but just because your car is not starting, doesn’t mean the battery is dead. There are a few ways to test this. First, check to see if the clock and the windshield wipers are working, if they are then the battery is not the problem. The next thing you can do is put the keys back into the ignition and attempt to turn the car on. If it steadily hums then the problem is not the battery, but if it is struggling or there is no sound at all, you will need to jump the battery.

The Mid-Day Jump-Start

         2.       Find a Nearby Car and Jumper Cables

If you are by yourself, call a friend or summon someone nearby with a car for help. You will also need a set of jumper cables in good working condition. We recommend always keeping a set in your car, just in case you need them again or it is your turn to save the day.

         3.       Turn Both Cars Off

Make sure both car ignitions are off and that the cars are in Park, not Drive, Reverse or anything other than Park. This might seem obvious, but you would be surprised at the amount of people who attempt to jump a car while one of the cars is running.

         4.       Connect the Red Clips

This is very important, so pay close attention. Make sure that the black and red jumper clips never touch. Attach one red clip to the positive terminal of the dead battery, and the other red clip to the positive terminal of the charged battery.

         5.       Connect the Black Clips

Now that both red clips are attached, it’s time to connect one black clip to the negative terminal of the charged battery. Attach the remaining black clip to the metal strut that holds the car hood open. If you’re not sure what we’re talking about, or if the one for your car is missing, an unpainted metal surface that is not near the battery will do.

         6.       Start Your Engines

Attempt to start your car, if it’s still not starting, your friend should run their engine for a couple of minutes. Try to start your car again. If your car starts, DO NOT SHUT THE ENGINE OFF for at least 15 to 20 minutes. Your battery needs time to recharge.  If the car is still not starting or you are not able to turn the car on later that day, you’ll need to replace the battery.


What is an essay?

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An essay is written in prose, in brief overview, which offers a personal interpretation of a theme that can be philosophical, scientific, historical, literary, etc. The word refers specifically to test its particularity: it is tested, think, try, propose a hypothesis. So what defines the test is the attitude test and interpretation of the writer or the writer.

The test is the result of a process of reflection and exploration on a subject; a process that is important boldness and originality to think in a particular way. It is a free form: it fit doubts, comments and even anecdotes and experiences of who makes it.

The test is essentially communicative character, as it seeks to establish a reflective dialogue between the essayist and the reader. The person writing the essay seeks to convince another about their ideas regarding the topic discussed. So, the point of view of the author-and how to defend it with good arguments-is the key issue in a trial.

The experimental

The test does not require a rigorous structure. However, for ease of writing can be useful to organize it as follows:

INTRODUCTION: It consists of a general presentation of the subject. It should be short (one or two paragraphs) and help create interest in the reader.

DEVELOPMENT:  It is the development of the hypothesis or central idea and exposure data, views and information to justify the idea.

CONCLUSION: To close the test, the importance of data that give validity to the hypothesis and ends by reiterating the main idea is highlighted.

Some steps for conducting a test

  • Choose and define the subject on which you are going to write.
  • Investigate, seek information on the subject and compare our ideas with those of other authors and authors.
  • This research materials on-the sources that provide us information about the chosen-topic, will result, at time of writing, the inclusion of citations showing that the essayist know other views on the same subject.
  • Use skills specific to each / reasoning.
  • Develop questions that will help us develop it. The test should reflect the answers to these questions.
  • Make a scheme in which we locate the ideas and arguments in a visual, according to the logical structure that will give you: the main ideas, supporting ideas, conclusions, etc.
  • Develop a plan for writing the above mentioned structure: introduction, body and conclusion.
  • The test should be approached from a critical point of view; therefore, if you’re gonna do one, you must:


  • Evaluate ideas incorporating value judgments and reasons on which these judgments are based. Specify examples, evidence, details to support your judgments, clarify your reasoning.
  • Analyze the pros and cons of the claims. Develop a list of the positive and negative aspects to them straight.
  • Analyze dividing the text into parts or section. Divide the aim of the subject to be analyzed according to its main parts. Write and relate these sections with the following: describe, explain, etc.
  • Explain. Demonstrate the causes or reasons. Bookmark the steps that lead to a cause produces an effect, the influencing factors.
  • Describe. Give the main features of a thing, details and explanations that illustrate the subject of analysis.
  • Argue. Give reasons for taking a particular position against another. Defend your reasons to all possible objections.
  • Demonstrate. Giving evidence, logical foundations, using principles or laws, and offer opinions and examples.
  • The essay title should be brief, but precise and descriptive about the issue in question. It can be a striking or impressive title.
  • The style should be direct and clear.
  • Note the spelling and grammatical agreement.
  • Note the proper use of punctuation and avoid repeating the same words and phrases. Working with synonyms.

The use of quotes in the trial

It is important that, if the ideas of others are used, indicate to whom they belong. That is, you must cite the works of those authors whose ideas, theories and research have influenced our work. You can take your essay writing assistance here

If that is copied verbatim, word for word a passage of text from another author or author, it must be enclosed in quotes. Quotation marks are used to indicate the beginning and end of the quote. In that case, you need to insert a call to a valid number (1, 2, 3 …) at the end of the appointment that corresponds to a footnote at the page where the reference is to the source of our information. Or you can enter a list of bibliographical references at the end of the document: a Bibliography.

Importantly, when a citation format is chosen, the same criteria for all work must be respected.


Smart ideas when looking for the best IT jobs in the UK

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Job hunting in the UK can be tricky. When there are a large number of jobs available, it becomes easy to shortlist a few, apply and wait for a call to attend to the first interview. However, when fear of a global economic crisis looms over and job opportunities start decreasing, it becomes increasingly difficult to find a job that matches your skills and offers you both professional and financial growth. Hence, you need to follow a number of steps while looking for a job. If you are an IT professional, looking for a job in the UK, here are some ideas for you to find the right job in the shortest possible time-frame.

Contact a recruiting firm

A direct way to look for IT jobs in the UK is to approach an IT recruiter who has dedicated experience in finding the right IT jobs. Once you submit your resume and discuss your aspirations, he/she will do the rest for you. The recruiter knows what the hiring companies are currently looking for and so can work as a bridge between the two of you. You will hopefully be matched with multiple job vacancies and you can start preparing for the interviews.

If you don't know what you are looking for, you'll never find it, image by Olivia Fal

Use the social network

There is a reason why everybody is on social media. When jobs are posted on these mediums, they go viral very quickly and receive a lot of attention. As a result, more and more people get to know about these opportunities and it also helps recruiters and hiring companies find healthy competition for each particular job role. Websites like Facebook, Twitter and Linked In can help you find a new job.

Look at job boards

IT Job boards in the UK such as are full of IT vacancies and are a very good source to find a new job. You should go through these websites regularly and immediately apply to any job which matches your needs. Some good job boards also provide a jobs by e-mail service through which they send you new jobs you are interested in directly to your inbox.

Explore the Newspaper

When looking for new IT Job vacancies in the UK, newspaper can be another good source of current vacancies. Not all companies post ads online and some still believe in attracting candidates through the good, old newspaper. So, while you apply online and get shortlisted, you can also go through the newspapers and apply for the jobs listed there.


Your First Motorcycle Experience!

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You’ve just bought your first motorcycle from a dealer – exciting! However, getting it safely home is not as easy as it may sound. Motorcycle dealers are situated in congested city joints with many complicated routes to follow. This makes it even harder if this is your first motorcycle ride. The initial thing before buying is to book driving practical test and get your license. With a good plan, you can enjoy your first ride experience. Most dealers provide delivery services at a fee but this depends on how it’s calculated because if you live far from the dealer, you might end up paying too much. While the other alternative would be to ask an experienced friend to help, it’s a good thing to experience your first unforgettable ride.

Things You Needs To Know First

1. Plan your journey – know the map of your town beforehand by using Google maps or by the traditional ways of walking through the route. Ensure that you mark the straight roads to learn the weight of your bike that you’ll balance and power.

2. Avoid the traffic- if you’ll be picking your bike during working days avoid the rush hours. Early morning hours of Saturday and Sunday are the best hours during the weekends.

3. Keep to simple routes – follow the routes you are familiar with and don’t try a new short cut. Avoid distractions as much as possible.

4. Learn the controls – before you mount up your new bike understand all the controls. Find out where the ignition is located, how signals work and adjust the side mirrors to your viewing advantage.

5. Check the fuel – most people forget to check out this crucial element and end up pushing their motorbike to the nearest petrol station. Generally, a dealer should provide a full tank.

6. Positioning on the bike – sit on the bike and try raising the bike off the side stand and push into place.

7. Sample the clutch and brakes – while the engine still off, feel the pressure needed to release and apply them. Get a feel of both brakes by rolling the bike slightly forwards and braking and try on the rear side.

8. Start the bike – Put helmet and ignite the bike and use the “pilot” check list acronym learned in your driving school.

Your new bike will feel a bit different than the one you used during training. New riders find it heavier and more powerful. You’ll need to take it easy and go gently without pressure or frustrations.

Some more tips on your first ride

1. Check the traffic and don’t rely on the traffic around you to check out for you.

2. Ride by keeping your eyes to the road and not the bike.

3. Listen to how the bike revs and pay attention to any unusual sound when you accelerate.

4. Other road users don’t notice motorcycle riders so be visible by choosing safer lanes and creating cushion space between other users.

5. Once you are safely at home, don’t put the bike cover on until it cools down.

Practice enough times at the park until you have learnt all the particulars on your bike. Have a safe ride!



Amazing Shopping Places in Kayseri Turkey Kayseri City

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Kayseri City is a large industrialized city located in Central Anatolia Turkey at the heart of Kayseri Province. The city boosts a major bustling economy which has facilitated the growth of the city as well as the economy of Turkey. The city is one of the fastest growing city in Turkey. Kayseri is a major shopping haven for anyone looking for a wide variety of goods and services and this has been attributed to the various metropolitan districts which make up Kayseri City. The five metropolitan districts are;

Kayseri Shopping Havens
Kayseri city boosts the highest numbers of shoppers throughout Turkey. This has been attributed to a wide variety of products available in Kayseri as well as the competitive prices the products are sold at. Due to this, a huge number of shopping centres have been established to cater for this high number of shoppers. This has made the city to be a major attraction to shopping lovers both in Turkey and the rest of the world. The following are the major shopping centres in Kayseri City.

-Kayseri Park Alisveris Merkezi
It’s among the most influential and well stocked shopping centre in Kayseri Turkey. From this park, any shopper is guaranteed to get what they are looking for and are also assured of purchasing high quality products be it electronics, clothes and toys. The park is located at the heart of Kayseri City and it offers a wide variety of goods and products to choose from. Inside the park, you can choose to either watch a movie from the various Cinemas available or you can choose to buy your favourite movie from the various movie stalls available in the park. The park also provides a wide range of kids products such as clothing and toys a guarantee that your child will be spoilt of choices when it comes to choosing their favourite toys. A wide range of clothes for both genders regardless of size are highly available in the park since it houses a variety of clothing stores. For any technocrat lover, Kayseri Park Alisveris Merkezi offers a wide variety of technological products to choose from such as HIFI sytems, high defination television sets as well as a wide range of smartphones and tablets.

-Forum Kayseri
It’s a mall which is located a few kilometres from the city centre. It’s easily accessible from all points of the city making it a desirable destination for both visitors and locals. Since Kayseri has emerged as one of the most successful furniture making hub in Turkey, a wide range of furniture products are available in high numbers in various malls including Forum Kayseri. The mall offers a wide range of furnitures to choose from ranging from king sized beds and high quality leather seats. Various stores are housed by the mall. For those who love buying video games, the mall has the entertainment store where buyers can buy various video games as well as enjoy playing the games in the mall. The clothing stores offers products such as bags, shoes and clothes. Toys are also available in high numbers depending on the type, colour and size.

-Imge Sanat Resim Atolyesi
This is a one stop shopping centre for art gallery lovers. It offers a wide variety of arts for it’s visitors which may come in forms of sculptures, paintings and drawings.

Visitors Visa
For any visitor wishing to visit Kayseri City in Turkey, they must posses a Turkey tourist visa which allows them to vist Kayseri for their shopping needs. A valid visa allows you to;
-Shop at any retail and wholesale store.
-Visit different malls in Kayseri.
-Stay and dine at various hotels in Kayseri city.


Edinburgh’s Royal Burgess Club Keep Women Out

Edinburgh’s Royal Burgess club have come under fire after a vote favoured to keeping out females from the club.

418 people were asked and results showed that 69 to 64 gave their support to inviting women.

Graham Callander, general manager at Royal Burgess, said: “It is an internal matter for the members, something we feel should remain internal and that’s the reality of where we are. It would be inappropriate to say anything more.” (more…)


U and Me

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Do you like romantic poems? U & Me is one of the latest popular poem blogs that has grabbed my interest. Here you find all types of poems for people in love. The admirer explain his feelings with poems such as ‘Feeling  Your Flavours‘, Money Money Money and



Restaurants to Visit When in New York

I recently visited New York a couple of months ago and it is a very popular tourist attraction for all, the big buildings, the yellow cabs, the hole New York experience is great but at some point your going to want to visit a restaurant I find out what the food is like. So I have devised a list of  3 restaurants that have a 4 star rating.

Del Posto – This is an up scale Italian Restaurant near the high line. It got 4 stars from Sam Sifton who said: ”Del Posto’s is a pleasure that lasts.” But for this four star experience it will knock you back $115 for a five course meal.  (more…)


Designing My Front Room

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In time for Christmas I am doing a few things to my front room so that I can receive some lovely complements. I’m going to paint my walls a crisp white and do a brown feature wall and maybe put a painting or two up.

I’m also looking to get some new pillows and I heard a great tip was to but big pillows and small pillow cases so the pillows look stuffed to the max and not saggy to give it a luxurious feel.  (more…)


Rory Mcllroy talks of the mental pressures that come with golf

Rory McIlroy has slipped from the top rankings to six after not winning anything in the year 2013 and now says that the mental pressure of the sport can outweigh the physical pressures and sypathisis with cricketer Jonathan Trott who withdrew from the England team after suffering from a stress-related illness.

McIlroy said: ”It’s sad to see something like that happen and it just shows what a mental toll sport can take on you sometimes,

“Hopefully he gets home and spends some time with his family and recovers and can come back…


“As sport becomes so big and there’s so much pressure and so much on the line, it’s becoming more and more common that these sorts of stress-related illnesses are happening and it just shows how much of a mental toll it takes on you sometimes.”

But he does understand that the pressures on cricket may be far higher than those of golf where they experience a more friendly environment with banter.  (more…)

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